Now that I’ve finished the book I’m turning back to the source — creativity is what it’s all about. Taking the time to delve a little deeper, and to have faith in my own courses of creative action. So that might be singing, playing guitar, banjo, drums, drawing or painting, or writing. These are the things I’m interested in now.

I used to feel so conflicted — like I had to choose. Silly. I saw a video once where Grace Slick (of the Jefferson Airplane), crippled by some disease that makes it hard for her to leave the house, much less perform, talked about herself as a painter and said something along the lines of, “I need to be creative. It doesn’t matter to me all that much if I’m singing or painting, just so long as I’m creating.” That spoke to me. Singing is my usually my first choice — but not my only choice. The more I look around the more I see that most musicians I know are also visual artists.

Earlier in my life, when I was so afraid to sing in front of other people, I chose against singing and in favor of the visual arts. I went to the High School of Music and Art — which more rightly would have been called the High School of Music OR Art — as an art major. You had to pick one or the other. Reinforcing my sense that if you’re serious you only do one thing and stick with it. My music was all extra-curricular.

Now music is my job and the other arts are extra-curricular. But more and more I think it’s all essential. It all makes up the big picture of who I am and who I want to be.

Creativity and Love

For a while my mantra was, “Let the love lead.” That was really helpful when I brought back singing into my life and was so scared. Remembering that I was doing this because I loved it, and intentionally connecting with the love pushed out the fear, at least enough so that I could function. Love cleared the path to creativity. It’s still the best mantra I know, but I have another one that I’m using a lot lately: Follow the Thread.

To me it feels like the same thread whether I’m singing, drawing, painting or writing. Mine is not to judge whether it’s good stuff or not, but just to follow the thread. I imagine a beautiful golden thread that has woven all through my life and that I am both honored and obliged to follow. I wrote a poem about it.

All this to say that I’m using this blog to play with. As a medium. I’ll post whatever I feel like posting. It might be a little confusing, and not so on-topic as a marketing tool, but this decision feels fun to me — and I really do best when I’m having fun. Hope you enjoy it!

Nancy Salwen
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