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Nancy Salwen is a singing teacher and the founder of The Fear of Singing Breakthrough Program, and the author of the book by the same name. She teaches singing to "non-singers," beginning singers, and anyone who wants to be more confident and expressive with their voice. She leads workshops in New England, New York City and California and teaches private lessons over Skype. In addition she is a Music for People certified workshop leader and leads music-based team building workshops for businesses and organizations, and an early childhood music educator and Music Together teacher and center director.

How Do You Know What You Really Sound Like?

Here’s a trick to help you know what you really sound like…

Not being able to tell how you sound can be a big problem for beginning singers. You don’t want to sing loud because you’re not sure you’re singing the right notes, but without singing […]

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Sing These Shapes to Improve Your Skills

This Easy Exercise Can Really Help You Sing Better

Even though it’s really simple, you’ll be integrating your visual, kinetic (movement), sensory, and auditory learning styles as you vocalize sounds that relate to the shapes on the page.

Sing the shapes in the picture in whatever way feels and sounds natural to you. […]

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Wonder What We Do in Workshops?

You’ve heard me talk about how magical these Fear of Singing Breakthrough Workshops are, but you still may not understand quite what happens when you attend. Although I always customize each workshop around whoever is in the room — their strengths, challenges, goals, etc., there are elements and activities that I include at almost […]

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11 Ways to Become a Musical Family

I wrote this article a while back for an early childhood magazine. Every single tip here applies to adults as well — so read on and be inspired. Do these activities for/with yourself and know that you are awakening and encouraging your own musical inner child.

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Singing Tip: Make Something Up

learn to sing - great singing tipA great singing tip for beginner singers is to play with your voice — just make something up! Anything! The scary word for this is improvising. But, I promise, this is really easy.

This isn’t about “being creative,” or inventing things that you’d sing […]

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