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Nancy Salwen is a singing teacher and the founder of The Fear of Singing Breakthrough Program, and the author of the book by the same name. She teaches singing to "non-singers," beginning singers, and anyone who wants to be more confident and expressive with their voice. She leads workshops in New England, New York City and California and teaches private lessons over Skype. In addition she is a Music for People certified workshop leader and leads music-based team building workshops for businesses and organizations, and an early childhood music educator and Music Together teacher and center director.

Taking This Show on the Road!

This photo is from the last time my husband Forrest and I were in the southwest. We loaded up my Toyota Tercel and did craft shows all along the way. Man, we had that car packed ingeniously!

Now we’re heading out west again. My son, Jacob, left first […]

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Singing Brings Us Together

How Singing Creates Community

A few weekends ago I led a full-day singing retreat. A participant commented about how much better we each sounded as individuals, when we were singing together. She noticed that the sheer act of putting our voices together elevated the quality of the sounds coming out of […]

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Music and Singing Improv for Everybody

Every month I run a drum circle/improv workshop. I tell you about this because I want you to really get it when I say that music is for everybody — even you…

Here is how I advertise these events:
Come play music with us on the first
Thursday of every month at my house […]

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Happy Book Launch Party

That it was! Thanks to everyone who showed up to my book launch party last weekend — and to all the messages of support from those who couldn’t make it. It was lovely to visit with people from so many parts and times of my life who I feel so fortunate to know. I’m a lucky […]

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Singing Makes You Smarter

Back in grade school, whether music class or chorus was your favorite time of the week or the most terrifying, practicing music probably helped you in ways you didn’t know about. Even your teachers may not have realized this, but experts now know that practicing a musical instrument, […]

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