The Fear of Singing Breakthrough Program: Learn to Sing Even if You Think You Can’t Carry a Tune!, by Nancy Salwen
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238-pages, includes access to online audio tracks and videos. (See preview flipbook below…)

Copyright 2016 Nancy Salwen
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Have you bought into the idea that singing is an “Either you have it or you don’t” kind of thing? Well, that is just not true — You can learn to sing!

Singing is a skill that can be learned, just like any other skill. However, because singing is so primal and meaningful to us as human beings, when we are discouraged, we are discouraged to the core. Our confidence and self-esteem are affected. Most would-be singers stop singing completely, no questions asked. But many who “can’t sing” on some level wish they could…

• More than just a “how-to” book! With guided reflection, explore and dismantle your fears, growing as a singer and as an individual.

• Audio and video tracks available 24/7. Practice whenever and wherever you like.

• User friendly, designed for inexperienced or fearful “non-singers” who have never received singing training or who want to give singing another chance

• Quick and simple noise making “icebreaker” exercises are unique ways to dissolve anxiety and help make your new singing journey playful and fun

• Dozens of writing, listening, and, of course, singing exercises to help you build confidence and discover your inner singer

• Includes a warm-up sheet and practice ideas to keep you going

• Ideas for next steps in your singing journey!

• Written by Nancy Salwen, a supportive teacher with 10 years of experience helping “non-singers” find their voice

What People Are Saying…

“For those just beginning to step bravely into the world of singing this book provides a clear, comprehensive and supportive guide toward getting over internal doubt and fear and making the journey into the transformative possibilities of the human voice.”
— Mary Knysh, Founder of Rhythmic Connections
 Teacher/Trainer for Music for People

“With kindness, playfulness, and heart, Nancy will help you explore your voice and reclaim the joy and courage we all had singing as children.”
— Shendl Diamond, LikeMinds Press

“Salwen’s writing is from the heart, and her knowledge is experiential; her range of teaching and singing experience shines through in this approachable and interactive book. Those who love to read a book from cover to cover will find lots of useful information, and those who prefer to jump right in and try things will find handy lists, exercises and tips. Salwen breaks down the skills of singing and helps readers recognize the skills they already have.”
— Dr. Irene M. Feher, D.Mus.
 Professor of Voice, Concordia University

Copyright 2016 Nancy Salwen

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