You’ve found your musical home! ❤️

A Workshop-style course for “non-singers,” beginners, or anyone who wants to discover, or rediscover, the joy of singing ❤️

Meet some folks who USED TO BE “non-singers”…

Claim your birthright, and step into the joy of singing!

Whether you’re a “non-singer” who wishes you could sing, or a more experienced singer who would like to delve deeper into the magic of your own voice, this short workshop will get you started!

  • If you can talk you can sing! — yes, EVEN YOU!!

  • Learn in a way that’s supportive, comfortable & fun

  • Discover or re-discover your unique voice

  • Feel the sound of your own voice in a whole new way

  • Experience the profound joy of singing in a supportive group

  • Become more confident – experience some singing success!

  • Empower yourself by doing things you didn’t think you could!

  • Take home new skills & tools to continue the journey!

You’ll Learn These Important Basic Skills…


  • Learn the power of LOVE > FEAR, so you can GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION TO SING.
  • Discover the power of visualization to help you sing in tune.


  • Start connecting your breath, body and movement to your VOICE.


  • Learn some very basic concepts to help you understand and visualize what you’re singing.
  • This will make singing less mysterious and more accessible.

AND … we’ll sing songs together so you can start applying what you’ve learned right away!

All in a supportive, non-judgmental way so you can freely experience the JOY of singing!

How Does it Work?

1. Once you’ve registered and purchased…

  • You’ll have lifetime access to the course
  • Do the lessons at your own pace
  • The lessons are structured like workshops — just do the activities right along with me
  • Repetition is important in singing (and in all music learning) so return to the lessons as often as you wish.
  • The three main lessons are…
    • Give Yourself Permission;
    Breathing for Singing;
    • Singing in Tune)
    …and you’ll get a few extra useful & fun tidbits, too!

More Thoughts from Students and Participants…

“I became more playful with my voice, less judgmental about using it, and better able to sing on pitch.” — Geoff

“I joined one of Nancy’s programs and ended up in a musical.
Just sign up and don’t look back. The water is warm once you get in.”
— Keith

“You made something totally terrifying not only accessible, but fun. You have a great spirit that helps carry people through the work.— Joseph

“The workshop offers a supportive and encouraging environment for learning with concrete take-aways and a roadmap for next steps.”
– Iyna

“I experienced an opening up to the awesome possibility of not feeling like I have to be quiet, but that I can share the sound of my voice… and I want to do more!”– Donna

Who I Am, What I Believe, & How I Teach…

I’m Nancy Salwen, and I’ve been teaching singing to beginners (and anyone who wants to discover or rediscover the joy of singing) for almost 20 years…

I grew up in New York City, and it seems I was born singing. I sang for comfort, for joy, and to block out the sounds of the city. When I was 21 I moved to New Hampshire, where I still live now.

I was raised in the folk tradition of the 1960’s. My mom took me to peace marches, folk festivals, and as a young adult I attended folk music and singing camps, all of which I loved with a passion.

Then I tried performing — and I was washed away in a wave of stage fright. I decided then and there that performing was not for me. Sadly, along with that decision my opportunities to make music with other people also gradually faded away. It wasn’t until my mid-thirties, after I had my first child, that I finally decided “Enough of this! I need singing back in my life!”

Bit by bit I found ways: singing in a neighbor’s living room; joining a women’s chorus; singing with smaller ensembles; attending a mind-blowing and life-changing multicultural singing camp.

What I learned from all this…
• Fear sucks the joy out of singing, and often stops people dead in their tracks
• Singing doesn’t have to be about performance if you don’t want it to be
• Performing actually can be fun!
• Lastly, I learned that I wanted my whole life to revolve around music-making and singing with other people. And this is why I’m a singing teacher who focuses on working with beginners, and helping people through their fear and anxiety around singing.

Here is what I believe:

Even if you think you’re a “non-singer” and can’t carry a tune, you can learn and improve…

Singing is everyone’s birthright. However, our culture has a problem around singing. With other subjects, when you have trouble, people offer to help or suggest ways you can learn. With singing, people tend to act like you’re hopeless. Or like you’re committing a terrible crime if you try to sing. Am I right?!

Contrary to popular belief, singing is NOT an “either you haven’t or you don’t” kind of thing. Singing is learnable.

I believe that singing will change your life for the better.

Singing is one of the most life-affirming, soulful, and joyous activities that life has to offer, and absolutely everyone should be able to partake if they want to, and get the support they need.

Singing is one of the best ways to connect with yourself and with other people.

I believe (even if you don’t) that you can learn to sing well enough to find rich and joyful settings in which to sing with other people.

How I teach is rooted in how YOU need to learn…

As soon as I began teaching in 2005, I realized how much fear, anxiety, and self consciousness was getting in the way of my students’ ability to learn. They’d go into a state of “deer in the headlights” and I could see their musical brain turn off — it was as if they couldn’t hear anymore, or as if their throat was a gatekeeper, shutting them down. I’m grateful that they let me explore and play with them to find ways to bring them out of this trance!

Their are many ways to bypass or overcome fear and transform the experience of learning to sing into something wonderful!

We learn music the same way we learn language:

• Through immersion experiences (situations where people are singing all around you and with you)
• Through modeling
(having someone to watch, learn from, and encourage you)
• Through PLAY (having fun, exploring, tuning into the sensations and vibrations, relating to the people around you in a joyful way, and not getting too SERIOUS about it all!)

You need non-judgmental space to get familiar with what your unique voice can do and how it feels. You need the freedom to get it wrong, without feeling that you are wrong. You’ll learn through exploring — when you get comfortable enough to explore you’ll get unstuck! In this freer, more receptive state of mind, we can integrate the nuts and bolts of skill-building.

But still, we want to return to the land of discovery often, because this is the state of mind in which your musical brain functions best — and it’s FUN! Working with me is an intuitive process.

There are basic skills I usually start with, and I cover them in this course…
• Give Yourself Permission
• Breathing for Singing
• Learning to Sing in Tune
I consider them foundational. They’re fun, and a great way to get going!
I hope you go for it, because singing is the BEST!!! ❤️