From Doubt to Delight!
The 3 Essential Skills You Need to

TUESDAY, MAY 30 at Noon
TUESDAY, MAY 30 at 8:00 pm


What people are saying about the workshop…

Singing our hearts out, even through screens…

Our group picture radiates the warmth and happiness we experienced during our time together…

Celebrating the power of music and friendship…

Embracing the joy of sharing my knowledge and helping my student discover the wonders of singing…

Embracing the cold nights with melodies…

Time and space for yoga, walks and rest…

We come together around the bonfire, creating a musical symphony that warms our hearts and souls…

Virtual vocal warm-ups, igniting our passion from afar…

Singing and GROOVING!

Incredibly fresh & delicious homemade vegetarian meals every day!

Claim your birthright, and step into the joy of singing! Whether you’re a “non-singer” who wishes you could sing, or a more experienced singer who would like to delve deeper into the magic of your own voice, this short workshop will get you started!

  • If you can talk you can sing! — yes, EVEN YOU!!

  • Learn in a way that’s supportive, comfortable & fun

  • Discover or re-discover your unique voice

  • Feel the sound of your own voice in a whole new way

  • Experience the profound joy of singing in a supportive group

  • Become more confident – experience some singing success!

  • Empower yourself by doing things you didn’t think you could!

  • Take home new skills & tools to continue the journey!

“I really surprised myself, in many ways. I had a wonderful time and came away with more confidence than I felt possible!”
– A Workshop Participant

What are the 3 basic skills you need to get started?


In that spirit, we’ll create a joyful, nonjudgemental environment and a playful warmup…

  • Create a space of non-judgement, and replace the “cringe,” with curiosity!

  • Make all kinds of crazy sounds and noises — just to discover what we’ve got!

  • Learn to listen differently and more deeply.

  • Discover the profound joy of boldly singing with other people!


  • WHY.

  • HOW – technique.

  • Sing familiar songs and learn new ones!

We’ll create a tool kit of accessible techniques for you to take home and use as you develop your skills. Discover the joy of your unique voice and let go of that old idea that singing isn’t for you!


In that spirit, we’ll…

  • Learn to recognize when you’re matching a note!

  • Learn the meaning of words like “octave” “key” “home note” and “1-2-3” and how they can help you “see” what you’re singing.

  • Start applying this to songs right away.

“Nancy has helped me along the journey of bringing what I hear inside my head into the world. She brings a patience and a kindness to her process that focuses on joy and emphasizes the pleasure of singing. She has helped me replace my perceptions of singing failure with success, and anxiety with relaxation.”
– Chris, Singing Student

Built-In Relaxation Time…

  • Take a walk around town or in the county

  • Do a little drawing or artwork (I’ll bring some supplies)

  • Check out the groovy local coffee shop, and other shops in town

  • Sing around the campfire if weather allows

We want you to leave this workshop, inspired, relaxed and refreshed! 

“Nancy seems to have an endless basket of teaching tools and they were all enjoyable. I especially liked moving, scatting and adding rhythm-making to our singing.”
– Workshop Participant

About the Hallelujah Farms Retreat Center…

Hallelujah Farm Retreat Center is set in the wooded hills of Chesterfield, New Hampshire. Nestled into the southwest corner of New Hampshire, the retreat center offers rooms to sleep up to twenty people, a stunning chapel and meditation space, a peaceful sun filled dining room, and expansive rural grounds. The farms are beautifully renovated 18th century buildings. They retain all of the history and farmhouse charm while the updates bring comfort and modern conveniences.

Along with the use of the physical spaces, they prepare delicious, locally grown, vegetarian meals with gluten and dairy-free options.”

Located between two great towns…

…Brattleboro, Vermont and Keene, New Hampshire…

If Hallelujah farms lodging has filled up before you register for the weekend, check out hotels and B&Bs in Brattleboro and Keene. If you are able to book in a little extra time, you’ll enjoy visiting both of these towns.

Take the train to Brattleboro and we’ll come fetch you!

There is an Amtrak train stop right in Brattleboro — if you’re traveling by train we’ll be happy to pick you up and bring you to the workshop on Friday, and bring you back to the train on Sunday!