Do You Get Unwelcome Surprises When You Try to Sing?

I invite you to play the video and TRY THIS WITH ME…

Did you run into any problems?

Did your voice crack, or even disappear for a moment?
Did you run out of breath? Did your throat feel tight?
Did you feel very nervous or uncomfortable?

These are very common problems for beginners — these are all things we can work on and improve!

They don’t mean that you are a hopeless case!!

Check out the FEARLESS SINGERS PLAYGROUND — it’s made specially for people like you!Join our community and learn to sing with other beginners in a fun, friendly, supportive, non-judgmental environment.

Let’s learn, explore, practice, and grow together as singers — IT’S THE PERFECT WAY TO GET STARTED!

Join now!
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$39/month. Cancel anytime if it’s not for you.


As a member of the Playground you’ll have access to an ever-growing collection of great online singing lessons and LIVE, real-time Sing-Alongs, Mini-Workshops and other learning events on Zoom.


  • Weekly Live Community Gatherings & Sing-Alongs on ZOOM (always optional and on a varied schedule) — reminders come via email.
    Ask questions, make song requests, share your experience, and mostly, SING TOGETHER!!
    Come when you can — days and times vary.
  • 24-hour access to the Playground website, full of songs and skills lessons and fun accessible practice activities.
    Practice and learn whenever it’s convenient for you.
    We’re always adding new content — always growing! You’ll get an email whenever something new is added.  
  • Access to our Members-Only Facebook Group
    Perfect for keeping in touch, sharing our accomplishments, asking questions, and whatever else inspires us.
  • Occasional Short Pop-Up Practice Activities in Your Email
    REALLY short (mostly under 3 minutes long), effective little gems that will help you learn to sing!
  • Bonus Interactive Group Activities like mini-workshops and movie watch parties
    I’m always open to suggestions!
  • Advance notice and early registration for live workshops
    So you can grab your spot before the workshop is opened to the public.

$39/month. Cancel anytime if it’s not for you.

This is a NO GUILT, take what you want and leave the rest, go at your own pace kind of thing. There is no pressure for you to do every activity! Do as much or as little as you’d like, so that this supports your singing and fits into your life in a joyful, easy way!

Each week you’ll receive an invitation to a sing-along on Zoom, or an announcement that a new lesson or song has been added to the Playground. You can do it all, or pick and choose. No pressure, ever. Go at your own pace — you’re never “behind!”

Being a Member will help you…

  • Learn in a way that’s supportive, comfortable & lots of fun
  • Continue to build your singing courage & confidence!
  • Practice more regularly (so you can experience more tangible success!)
  • Master singing skills
  • Really nail those notes!
  • Have your own tribe of friends to sing with regularly
  • Build your repertoire of songs
  • Discover & explore your own natural & unique voice
  • Identify achievable, personal and meaningful singing goals
  • Identify & work through your individual singing challenges
  • Share your singing story, (and progress!), with others who really understand
  • Learn to use your body and your breath to help you sing better
  • Become more expressive, bold and empowered in all areas of your life!
  • Whatever you need help with – we’ll be in touch so you can let me know!

Some of the Topics We’ll Cover:

  • How to manage and use our fear to our advantage
  • Thoroughly mastering songs one at a time (I’m open to song suggestions!)
  • Delve deeper with your voice exploration
  • Singing with more expression
  • Fine-tuning scale patterns (like 1-3-5-8)
  • The Body/Singing connection
  • Breathing for singing
  • How to create clear, achievable goals
  • Deep listening
  • Singing in tune: improving pitch matching
  • Really Simple Music Theory and applying it to learning songs
  • Gaining control over vocal quality
  • Loosening up
  • Improvising (which just means, making stuff up – it’s easy!)
  • Warm-ups to use in your practice
  • How to develop a rewarding singing practice

$39/month. Cancel anytime if it’s not for you.

Email Nancy anytime with questions!