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Students, Playground Members & Workshop Participants Say…

Marisa says, “When I was a little girl I was told never to open my mouth and sing. Now I’d say, ‘Don’t listen to those voices in your head — just give it a try!'”

“It was such a pleasure to sing in a group and enjoy the sound of our voices together — including my voice! This was my first time feeling joy and camaraderie singing in 30 years.”
— Alison

Eden says, “Everyone has a voice and every voice deserves to be heard.” You guys are so wise!

“I became more playful with my voice, less judgmental about using it and better able to sing on pitch.”
— Geoff

John attends workshops in NYC and takes Skype singing lessons. We all love his exuberant energy and joy of discovery!

“I feel like I’m recovering/rediscoverying a wonderful part of myself I forgot about.”

Colleen takes private lessons and is a member of the Fearless Singers Playground – an online membership for beginners!

“Thinking of you all and our beautiful day of singing together.  I had no idea what a powerful experience it would be.  It was like being inside the music with you all…. And, finally, Nancy, thank you for your gentle, kind, and passionate guidance.  Your clear, sweet joy of singing with others made me — and my voice — feel so completely welcome in the circle.  You inspired us to breathe deeply and find our voice.  I will not forget our day together. 

I hope someday we can all meet again to gather together in song.”
— Love, Juliane

Brendan talks about his singing lessons… “Just getting over the hump of  ‘I can’t do it’ to ‘It’s a work in progress’ — you’ll be amazed by what you can do!”

“Nancy’s like a life coach who uses singing as her modality.”
— April

Brad says, “You can save a lot of money on therapy by doing this.” I love that! He’s right — stepping out this way definitely builds self-esteem and confidence, just like confronting any fear!

“Watching not only my own progress but the transformation of other members in the group brought tears of wonder to my eyes several times throughout the day.”
— Karen

Not long after my book came out on Amazon, Tena bought a copy. She read it right away and emailed me the next day. Since then she’s become a student, a workshop participant, a workshop host, and a terrific friend. I’ve never seen anyone approach learning to sing, and personal transformation in general with such joyous determination and at such a speedy clip!

“This workshop is crazy good fun for people comfortable with singing and those that are not. Also, you might be surprised that you can sing better than you think. I was!”
— Tena

“This was a great day — I feel that I will be learning how it affected me in the weeks to come — it seems like it might be sort of like unlocking a door and I’m not sure what’s next but I’m excited!”

“I would say that it gives me a method / a format for facing anxieties in a supportive group and provides healing around finding my voice, that bleeds over into other parts of life including an increased ability to stand up for myself and more clarity around social harmony and teamwork.”

Diana shares her thoughts on the benefits of a musical life, learning to sing, being a member of the Playground, and the healing power of singing to overcome difficult times.

“Carlyn and Tom talk about their experience in the Playground membership. “I love getting to sing at the top of my lungs and not have to worry about it – it really is fearless!”

“I joined this program and ended up in a musical. Just sign up and don’t look back. The water is warm once you get in.”
— Keith, Playground Member and Student

Rae talks about the Playground: “It’s a lot more than I expected… it really turned me on to a lot of music I hadn’t heard before… and I learn so much!” She explains why and how the Playground works for her. Thanks Rae!

“I wanted to increase confidence in my own singing voice. Nancy used so many techniques, approaches, which made me feel at ease and gave me an ‘I CAN’ feeling.”
— Bonnie

Kelly takes singing lessons with me over Skype and recently attended a workshop in NYC. He’s played the guitar for years but wished he could sing too — now he’s doing both — hurray!

I received great satisfaction last night singing and playing an old fave – Donald and Lydia by John Prine.  For the first time ever, I wasn’t worried about what it sounded like. Progress, thanks to you!
— Kelly 

Irina tells her singing story…

“The workshop was a great first step in giving me the confidence to carry on.”
— Iyna

“Nancy provides a fun and engaging atmosphere to come learn about singing. Wish it was longer — the time seemed to fly by!
— Joni Lee