“If your business has important, pioneering work to do, then develop artful capabilities in your associates just as well as technical skills, else you’ll work at half-strength at best, and risk losing all the benefit of their passion. Now, there is a connection between art and the bottom line.”
— Albert Gibson, R&D Manager, U.S.-based Multinational Food & Beverage Company



A recent Gallup Poll reveals that 70% of U.S. workers don’t feel emotionally connected to their workplace. Studies show disengaged employees are less productive, less reliable, spread an atmosphere of discontent, and are bad for an organization’s public relations.

Percussion & Music-Making Activities Can Help!

Teams learn new ways to think together, gain fresh perspectives and solve problems both cooperatively and creatively. The creative process reminds us of what it means to be human and tap into our whole self, reconnecting with our sense of exploration, inspiration and mastery.

Access your team’s creative side and bring a wider range of employee’s talents to the table — you’ll be better equipped to achieve any mission!

Absolutely NO prior musical experience is required!

These facilitated music-making workshops are inclusive, inspirational and fun, and lead to valuable, practical insights and skills that your team can apply right away:

• Creative problem solving
• Positive communication, including non-verbal
• Understanding and finessing your group’s unique dynamics
• Trust, empathy, and team spirit
• Increased enthusiasm and self esteem
• Improved perspective: Holding the big picture in mind while focusing tasks and projects

Perfect for Team-Building among colleagues, students or staff and great for personal growth and exploration! Contact me to discuss custom-designing workshop for you team.

What Team Leaders Are Saying…

“Thank you again for today!
 The Team LOVED our activity. We truly appreciate you!”
— VP, Marketing Manager, TD Bank

“Thank you again for leading our workshop yesterday. The group had a great time. You were able to make team building fun and demonstrate how applicable the activities were to our work environment. I know for myself that the metaphor of working in our teams with the overarching drum beat as the mission of the institution was really powerful. The staff in both departments have been talking about the event today and how useful and fun their time spent with you was.

I would love to see the campus use this program more widely, I think it would be a boost to employee morale and help us work together and move the college forward.

— Finance Dept. Head, Keene State College

“I would recommend this program to anyone and I hope that I get to work with you again in the future. We’ll be keeping the beat and staying in sync because of you!”

“I invited Nancy Salwen to lead our Publications Design and Production team in her Music and Percussion Workshop in November 2015. I wanted to get the group together for an experience that would build teamwork, allow a dispersed team some enjoyable face to face time and push people just a little bit out of their comfort zone with a fun challenge. I also wanted to reward a hard-working group of individuals by offering an experience that could have personal as well as work-place benefits.

Nancy delivered on all of that and more. She skillfully got everyone engaged by creating a positive atmosphere in which people felt safe to take risks, put their own ideas forward and work collaboratively.

Following the workshop, the atmosphere in the office is refreshed and energized. Working relationships have become more relaxed and constructive. We now have a very unique shared experience; together we took some risks, created something interesting and beautiful and had fun. We got to know, trust and appreciate each other more. Problem solving has been enhanced.

Our work environment is very fast paced and full of change – the workshop helped us appreciate how well we respond to “pressure” (such as a faster tempo) and how what at first feels chaotic settles into a pattern – just like changes in the workplace.

—Deb Maynard
Director of Marketing, Publications

Insights and Observations from Workshop Participants…

“Having a solid underlying beat helped keep us all in rhythm. This beat is like not only having a consistent message, work flow, etc. but having a strong group of leaders to help keep the beat.”

“I found that I always offer input, but tend to let others make the final decisions. I feel like I negotiate myself right out of a leadership role.”

“The moment that really stuck with me was the analogy of all employees working individually to the same “heartbeat.”

“I know know how to better work with a group and I know that sometimes you have to step back and see that chaos is beautiful and a chaotic process can have a great result.”

“It definitely helps to have interaction among associates in play as well as in work.”

“I saw people’s creativity come out and how we can work together to support each other in a positive way”

“This was helpful in dealing with other people, being open to new ideas, and realizing that all contributions are valuable.”

“I think this workshop made everyone think a little differently for the better.”

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