Join our Super-Fun Fabdabulous Online SING-ALONG!

These online sing-alongs are a perfect complement to your singing lessons or workshops! This is a fun, super non-judgemental, and inexpensive way to sing along with a group of smiling faces on a regular basis.

How this works & what you get!

• Weekly get-togethers on Zoom.

• Songs sheets with lyrics in your email before each session.

• An opportunity to sing your heart out with other supportive beginners.

• Warm-ups to get us into the groove, both physically and mentally.

• A chance to sing old favorites and get comfortable and confident with songs you know (or kind of know).

• Lots of new songs to add to your repertoire.

• If You're taking lessons, this is a great way to put what you're learning into practice with a group.

• If you attend workshops, this is a great way to stay connected in the time between our in-person gatherings.

What WON'T happen...

• Discouragement or Criticism — this WON'T Happen 🙂 This is a supportive, judgement-free sing-along, designed for beginners who want encouragement and fun.

• Individual Critique or Instruction — you will naturally learn and improve your singing skills by attending, because you'll be practicing your singing skills, but this isn't a class — it's a relaxed community sing-along! You're always welcome to take lessons (in person or on Skype, FaceTime or Zoom) or attend live workshops if you are feeling a craving for individual feedback or coaching.

• Perfect Technology — For better AND worse, Zoom isn't really designed for us to hear each other perfectly all at once, so although you will be able hear me and to follow along, you may not always be able to hear each other clearly. For many beginners, knowing that others may not hear you all the time is actually a relief, allowing you to be even more relaxed!

$20/month (automatic payments only)
We will meet on Wednesdays, generally alternating between lunchtime (12:10-12:50) and evenings (7:00-7:40). Your subscription gives access to all of these get-togethers,  join us whenever you can. No need to RSVP each time. When occasionally Wednesdays don't work, I have scheduled alternate days: see the schedule below! If for any reason I have to reschedule, you'll get an email from me in advance.

Wednesday, October 10th: 7:00-7:40
Wednesday, October 17th: 12:10-12:50
Wednesday, October 24th: 7:00-7:40
Wednesday, October 31st: 12:10-12:50

TUESDAY, November 6th: 7:00-7:40 (I will be traveling on Wednesday so this week we'll meet on Tuesday instead)
Wednesday, November 14th: 12:10-12:50
Wednesday, November 21st: 7:00-7:40
Wednesday, November 28th: 12:10-12:50

Wednesday, December 5th: 12:10-12:50 (I will be singing with you from Norway!)
Wednesday, December 12th: 7:00-7:40
MONDAY, December 17th: 7:00-7:40 (NOTE: this forth session is a make-up for the following week, which is Christmas. There won't be a session Christmas week)
Wednesday, December 19th: 12:10-12:50