From Fear to Joy:
Discover (or Re-Discover) Your Inner Singer!

A weekend workshop/retreat for “non-singers,” beginning singers, or anyone who wants to become more confident and expressive with their voice!

September 13th – 15th, 2024
4pm Friday through 3pm Sunday

$440/person (Early-bird price — tuition includes 6 workshop sessions; room/meals not included)

I’m excited to sing with you in my lovely hometown
of Keene, New Hampshire!

If you cancel on or before August 10th, 2024 you will be charged a $100 fee.
No refunds for cancelations on or after August 11th
Thank you for understanding!

What people are saying about the workshop…

Learn new singing skills with the support of a beautiful, non-judgmental group.

Located in the beautiful Monadnock Region — stay an extra day and go exploring!

Learn with and from each other.

Singing around the campfire!

Our workshop space will be in this yoga studio (they have yoga mats so you can rest and stretch as desired)…

Located in Southern New Hampshire, right near the Vermont border.

Singing together makes us so happy – join us in 2024!

Singing and GROOVING!

Keene is a sweet New England town — super easy to get around!

Plenty of good restaurants!

They shot part of the movie, Jumanji, here — and we’re a small enough town for this to be one of our claims to fame!

Hope you can come!

Claim your birthright, and step into the joy of singing! Whether you’re a “non-singer” who wishes you could sing, or a more experienced singer who would like to delve deeper into the magic of your own voice, this weekend retreat/workshop is for you!

  • If you can talk you can sing! — yes, EVEN YOU!!

  • Learn in a way that’s supportive, comfortable & fun

  • Discover or re-discover your unique voice

  • Feel the sound of your own voice in a whole new way

  • Experience the profound joy of singing in a supportive group

  • Become more confident – experience some singing success!

  • Empower yourself by doing things you didn’t think you could!

  • Take home new skills & tools to continue the journey!

“I really surprised myself, in many ways. I had a wonderful time and came away with more confidence than I felt possible!”
– A Workshop Participant

Through a combination of games, improvisation and simple songs from around the world we’ll explore different aspects of the voice.

Did you know that adults & teens can learn to sing in much the same way a child learns language — through immersion and play?! 

In that spirit, we’ll…

  • Create a space of non-judgement, and replace the “cringe,” with curiosity!

  • Make all kinds of crazy sounds and noises — just to discover what we’ve got!

  • Learn to listen differently and more deeply.

  • Discover the joy of boldly singing with other people!

  • Dig into different learning styles, discovering YOUR best inroads to music learning.

  • Discuss the basics of music theory, so you’ll understand more about how songs work.

  • Sing familiar songs and learn new ones!

We’ll create a tool kit of accessible techniques for you to take home and use as you develop your skills. Discover the joy of your unique voice and let go of that old idea that singing isn’t for you!

“I joined this program and ended up in a musical. Just sign up and don’t look back. The water is warm once you get in.”
– Keith, Singing Student & Member of the Fearless Singers Playground

You’ll come away with…

  • A method for how to approach and learn songs

  • An understanding of basic music theory as it applies to singing

  • Strategies for bringing singing into your life

  • A big ol’ folder full of song sheets — the beginnings of your new repertoire!

  • More clarity about your goals and how to reach them!

  • A clear sense of the whys and hows of breathing for singing

  • New confidence about singing high notes

  • Techniques for keeping your throat relaxed and your sound open

  • Methods for dealing with “vocal surprises” and vocal “break”

  • Newfound confidence and enthusiasm for singing — you’ll have the tools you need to start making your singing dreams come true!

“Nancy has helped me along the journey of bringing what I hear inside my head into the world. She brings a patience and a kindness to her process that focuses on joy and emphasizes the pleasure of singing. She has helped me replace my perceptions of singing failure with success, and anxiety with relaxation.”
– Chris, Singing Student

Never the same workshop twice!

  • I design each workshop around who is in the room to meet YOUR needs and wants

  • Familiar ideas and practices are experienced completely differently as you grow and develop as a singer. Even the same material presents new learning opportunities because as you grow YOU are different.

  • In music and singing, repetition is good! Repetition brings you deeper and allows for epiphanies that can only happen when revisiting familiar concepts and practices. I often hear students say, “I hear you say this all the time, but NOW I really get it!”

Built-In Relaxation Time…

  • Take a walk around town or in the county

  • Do a little drawing or artwork (I’ll bring some supplies)

  • Check out one of our groovy local coffee shops, and other shops in town

  • Sing around the campfire if weather allows

We want you to leave this workshop, inspired, relaxed and refreshed! 

“Nancy seems to have an endless basket of teaching tools and they were all enjoyable. I especially liked moving, scatting and adding rhythm-making to our singing.”
– Workshop Participant

About Keene, New Hampshire…

Keene is a quintessential New England town (it’s actually a small city and the county seat, but as expat New Yorker, it’s a town to me) located in Southwest New Hampshire, very close to both Massachusetts and Vermont. I’ve lived here for 45 years!

We have a nice variety of shops, restaurants, coffee shops, and bars, sweet hiking trails, and pretty much everything you could want access to during a singing weekend retreat!

Our workshop will be hosted in a spacious yoga studio right near downtown, and we can either go out for lunch, order take-out, or you can bring your own.

To enhance our sense of community and ensure that “retreat” feel, you’ll be invited to join together for dinners at (or take-out from) local restaurants, and to a backyard campfire sing-along at my house (weather permitting).


There are lots of B&Bs and hotels in the area, but you might want to book soon — places fill up in the Fall!

Click here to check out AirBnBs in and around Keene, NH
Click here to see local hotels