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Saturday, January 13th through Thursday, 18th, 2024

Perfect for “non-singers”, beginners, or anyone who wants to discover or rediscover their inner singer and the JOY of singing!
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There’s a myth around singing that “either you have it or you don’t.” But this isn’t true!

Singing is a learnable skill — you just need the right kind of support (which you probably never got before). 

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As with all my singing programs and lessons, our guiding principles are kindness, non-judgement, exploration, curiosity, and playfulness. Many of you are beginners, and it’s wonderful that you’re stepping into the world of singing — that’s a bold step! Congratulations!

Throughout this strange and stressful time, it’s good to remember that SINGING IS GOOD FOR EVERYTHING! Throughout the ages people have sung for comfort, courage and community — I certainly know it works that way for me. I hope you will join us and share in the joy!

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