Lessons to Improve Your Rhythm When you Sing:

Feel the Pulse
Practice with Rhythm Patterns
Watch this live Playground Zoom workshop on rhythm
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See how I teach myself the rhythm of a song:

• I’m Yours  (Scroll down to the second half of this lesson to see how I taught myself to understand the rhythm of this song.)

Key Ideas:

Some people have an innate aptitude for keeping a beat and intuitively feeling the rhythm of a song. If that’s you, awesome! You may not realize it yet, but you have something important going for you when it comes to singing!

I often say, “your body is smarter than your brain when it comes to rhythm.” It really helps a LOT when you let your body take the lead, and helps with some aspects of feeling the pulse and keeping the beat.

However, for many of us it’s more complicated. We might need to improve our sense of keeping the basic beat (think of clapping or tapping your foot to a song), AND we also might need to learn how to consciously work out how the rhythms in a particular song (the lyrics and syllables) fit with the basic beat.

The lessons here will help you with both of these skills — and will improve your overall ability with rhythm.