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Finally, finally, FINALLY, I have figured out a way to give you visual feedback as you practice singing in tune — I’m SO EXCITED!!

When you’re practicing on your own it can be frustrating because you’re not sure you’re hitting that note correctly — right?

Here’s a solution!

Want to try it? It involves 3 simple steps…

  1. If you have a real life piano or keyboard, you’ll be using that — if not, go to this website:
  2. If you have a smartphone, download this free app: 
  1. Open both the keyboard and the app at the same time.
    (Scroll down for a video where I walk you through the process.)

    • Play a note on the piano. While it’s playing, look at the app — the letter in the middle will tell you what note is playing. Remember or write down what that note is. (If there is a little “flat” or “sharp” symbol to the right of the letter — that is part of the name of the note name — don’t ignore it!) (Also, don’t worry about whether the letter shows up as red or green — that’s only relevant when using the app to tune a guitar.)
    • Next try to sing that note while looking at the app. If the letter name that shows up for the note you’re singing is the same as the one that shows up when you’re playing the piano, you’re singing the correct note, or at least you’re very close.
    • If the note you’re singing brings up a different letter, slowly siren your voice up and down until you see the name of the note you’re trying to match.
    • If you’re seeing your target note when you sing but the needle isn’t in about the same position as when you play the note on the piano — you’ll want to play with fine tuning with your voice. If you’re close but a little under (flat) the needle will hover to the left of center (or the spot the needle goes to when you play the note on the piano); if you’re a little over (sharp) it will hover to the right of center. If you are EXACTLY IN TUNE it the needle will point to the exact same spot as when you played the piano note. DON’T WORRY IF YOU CAN’T GET THE NEEDLE TO THE EXACT TARGET SPOT or if you can’t get it to hold still! This app is VERY SENSITIVE and we are not machines — if the needle is hovering somewhere close to the same spot when you’re singing as it was when you played the piano, and the letter is the same, you’re doing great!

This app is also great for practicing vocal micro-movements.
If you sing, for example, an A note (and the app will tell you what note you’re singing), try moving your voice around just the tiniest bit so that the letter in the middle is still an A, but the needle is moving from the middle to the right (or left) and back to the middle again. This will help you train your voice to make micro movements — the kind of small adjustments that singers make all the time to sing in tune.

In this video I’ll walk you through this process…

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