Make your practice fit happily into your life.

Every little thing you do counts — singing along to the radio in the car, singing in the shower, singing to the cat! Give yourself credit.

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Lessons on How to Practice:

• 10 Little Minutes: Solving the Practice Problem
• Slowing Down and Repetition

What Should You Practice?
Great activities to include in your practice sessions:

• Practice Singing in Tune with Visual Feedback
• Practicing & Using the 1-3-5
• Sing with a Drone Note
• Using Audiation to Improve Your Pitch
• Breathing for Singing

And, this might sound obvious, but practice songs you like!

Key Ideas:

Because your instrument is your body, you will absorb some skills and experience some improvement as long as you continue to expose yourself to singing — even if you don’t practice formally.

You will, of course, improve faster if you do take time to practice, even if it’s even for just 3 minutes at a time. Honest!

So practice in whatever ways work best for you. Ideally you will mix it up — casual singing-in-the-car type practice sometimes, and sit-down-and-focus type practice at other times. You may even decide to make a regular practice routine. It’s up to you.

However you do it, practice with love and have fun with it! And most importantly, don’t let practicing (or not practicing) become a source of guilt! Don’t give yourself a hard time!