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Even just a few minutes of this activity is beneficial!

(This video was originally part of a challenge, so you can disregard when I reference that with words like, “challenge” or “this week,” etc.)

Here are your drone notes — There are 2 tracks, one male and one female, and each one is about 5 minutes long. Try singing with them both and notice the differences.

Track 19 (Female):

You can start by just singing with the drone note as an exercise…
Match the note, move away from the note, match the note, move away, match, etc… When you’re matching it, really sink into the feeling of that drone note as if it’s the only thing in the world — swim around in it! Spend some time absorbing what it feels like to be in UNISON!

When you move a way from that note, try being very mindful and observant about the sensations you are creating in your body and the air around you — be fully IN the experience as it’s happening. If you slide your voice slowly you’ll notice moments of harmony as well as dissonance (don’t worry about being out of tune – it’s all good!). Then when you come back again to match the drone note, take the time to notice what it feels like to be HOME.

Then, as you get more comfortable (or bored… haha) with this…
…you can start using it more as an opportunity to dive in and explore.

What does it feel like in your body? In your ears? In the air between us? How DELICIOUS can you make it? Where does your voice want to go? How much can you trust yourself? How are you feeling in this moment, both physically and emotionally? Can you express your feelings in your voice with the support of this drone note?

This can be a profound experience if you let it. Trust me that there is beauty in whatever you are doing, and treasure that this is your unique music of the moment — it will never happen just like this again! Enjoy and appreciate it!

I honestly never get tired of this activity, and each time I do it I experience something new.