You know how when you get home from a workshop you’re all hyped up and excited? Well, that’s me today, and I want to share!

It’s so important for us to do what we really want to do. When an opportunity arises to support us in doing what we really want to do, even if it’s a stretch, why don’t we always seize the moment. Why do we wait? Why do we hesitate to grab it and run with it?

These were the words that business Coach Christine Kane said to me yesterday at her retreat in Atlanta. “Take it and Run with it.” Today I’m letting it sink in. What I really want to do is make opportunities for people of all ages and all levels of experience to enjoy singing, and the obstacles I run into are the following:

• people are stressed, busy, and tight on money
• people are scared of what other people will think
• people are convinced that singing can’t be learned and that they shouldn’t even try to learn.
• people are scared of what will happen if they begin to connect their emotions to their voice – they don’t know what will come out or if they will be overwhelmed

I tell them – it IS possible and it will be so rewarding! I know that when they DO do it, their rewards are more expansive than they expected. Because not only are they beginning to sing; they are starting to connect with the people in their lives in new ways, to express themselves more deeply, and to feel the big power of breaking through old stories about themselves.

My experience as a business owner and a teacher has been quite parallel. I have wondered how in the world I can bring forth my vision of teaching non-singers to sing, and to communicate that not only is it possible but it’s tons of fun?! How can I make it doable, not overwhelming, and something they can fit into their lives? I have at times been confused and discouraged myself, wondering how to make this unusual mission of mine a reality – I, like them, have also had to challenge a sense of being overwhelmed, discouraged, self-conscious and afraid. And, like a non-singer who decides to sing, I have had to challenge old stories about myself and my limitations. (and to be honest, I’m only talking in the past sense because it sounds good – the challenge is on-going. I’m just getting a lot more comfortable with it.)

I just ran my first “6-Week Online Fear of Singing Breakthrough Program” – in fact, tomorrow is the last day of the program! It’s been so great to create and share a method of working with a group of new singers over time, to move them through a flow that allows them to experience the special combination of guided play and focussed study that it takes to start learning how to sing. I also broke through some of my own stuck places – I created 30 teaching videos and learned how to actually enjoy the process! That, my friend, is a feat!

I was able to make this dream a reality because I got support. I am proud of myself to have taken the plunge and get the coaching I need, and grateful for the guidance of Christine Kane, her team, and all the new friends I made at the retreat this week. Thank you everybody!

I kinda blew myself away when I found I had the clarity, courage and tenacity to design and deliver this program, and this week at the retreat I got more ideas and more clarity! I’m designing longer programs so that students can stay immersed, excited and supported, and other shorter programs that focus on specific genres of singing. The essence stays the same though – all of these programs and packages are for beginners! Everybody who wants to sing can and should be singing, and even people who think they are hopeless can find their place in the world of singing, and join their community in song!

Stay tuned! (haha)