Facing My Own Fear: Song Writing

One of the scariest things for me is writing my own songs. This is where all my gremlins and negative inner voices pop up real fast.

You may know that my whole singing journey has been a journey through fear towards love. Have I shared that with you before? Probably here and […]

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Singing with a Drone Note

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One of best things a beginning singer (or even someone who thinks they’re a “non-singer”) can do for themselves, is to sing with a long steady note, which I call a “drone” note.

This is a fantastic way to learn […]

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Just Make Some Noise!

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Beginner singers, and those who think of themselves as “non-singers” are often so discouraged, that they can’t even relax enough to get started. If you want to learn how to sing, the first step is to simply get comfortable with your voice. […]

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Sing the Alphabet!

Sing the letters of the alphabet using your own spontaneous melody, or the tune of any song you know, except for the regular old Alphabet Song you grew up with. (Oh ok — if you want to start with the Alphabet song you can, […]

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How Do You Know What You Really Sound Like?

Here’s a trick to help you know what you really sound like…

Not being able to tell how you sound can be a big problem for beginning singers. You don’t want to sing loud because you’re not sure you’re singing the right notes, but without singing […]

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