Cordilleran Music

Baguio City, Philippines

This post is by my assistant, Lorens, who lives in the Philippines…

In the northern part of the Philippines resides a beautiful culture – The Cordillera Region, the ancestral homeland of the Cordillera indigenous peoples, collectively referred to as the […]

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Singing Lullabies at Camp

(I’m the little one with the fabulous glasses…)

I missed this clue when I was choosing a career…

When I was in summer sleepaway camp (maybe around the age of 10?), I used to sing lullabies to my bunkmates to help them […]

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Meet Carlyn & Tom!

Hello Everyone — Meet Carlyn & Tom!

Carlyn and Tom talk about their experience in the Playground membership, how singing cheers them up, connects them, and how much more comfortable they feel singing together and in general.

“I love getting to sing at the top of my lungs and not have […]

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I was an art major in college…


I have a story for you…

I was an art major in college. I focussed mostly on sculpture and printmaking, and got plenty of good support from my professors. Then I took a painting class with Professor Neuman — he had a dry sense of humor and some prestige […]

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