I was an art major in college…


I have a story for you…

I was an art major in college. I focussed mostly on sculpture and printmaking, and got plenty of good support from my professors. Then I took a painting class with Professor Neuman — he had a dry sense of humor and some prestige […]

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Harmonizing With Your Toothbrush!

I’ve been creating a little series of videos for Facebook — some are short, fun activities that will improve your singing, so I thought I’d share them with YOU!

This is a great way to bring music-making into your morning!

And isn’t it great to remember that MUSIC IS EVERYWHERE?!

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Harana! – Philippine Music

Hello Friends! ❤️

If you’ve attended my online Sing-Alongs, chances are you’ve have had the joy of meeting my assistant Lorens. He’s a delightful person and helps me so much with all the moving parts of running my business, so I can have the pleasure of working with YOU!

(We really get […]

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ROUNDS SINGING – Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Hey there! ❤️

Did you know that every time you sing a ROUND, you’re exercising your harmony singing chops?

A round is a song which can be sung by two or more people (or groups of people) at the same time, with each person starting the same song at a different time.


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Meet Diana!

Hello Everyone — Meet Diana!

I first met Diana at our workshop last year at Hallelujah Farm — what a joy it’s been to get to know her!

She’s a rare and wise spirit, and here she shares her thoughts on the richness of including music in her life, learning […]

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