That it was! Thanks to everyone who showed up to my book launch party last weekend — and to all the messages of support from those who couldn’t make it. It was lovely to visit with people from so many parts and times of my life who I feel so fortunate to know. I’m a lucky woman!

It was a drop in thing, and many people came and went. At one point we did get to live out my wish of breaking into song. Here’s a little video…

One special moment was having the opportunity to introduce a current student who’s been working with me for about three years to the woman who was my very first student, and the inspiration for my going in this direction with my work in the first place. That really brought some context to this journey.

How’s The Book Doing, Anyway?

I’m pretty excited about how it’s going! I’ve sold a bunch on Amazon, and gotten all 5-star reviews. It’s in a few local bookstores and libraries, and people have shown interest, purchased it, and contacted me to talk about lessons. Because of the publication of the book I’ve been invited to do workshops in Montreal, Chicago, and California. It’s been a great tool for my students, since it includes audio tracks and videos — they’re using as a support for their practice at home.

Every now and then I pick it up and open to a random page and start reading. I almost don’t feel as if it’s something I wrote myself. I’m happily surprised when I find myself thinking things like, “Good point!” and “Nicely said!” And also, there are moments when I’m having a tough time with… well, singing, fear of singing, fear of performing, or fear in general, and I think, “I think I talked about that in my book. I should follow my own advice!”

So it’s kind of hopping around here — it’s all good.

Thank you again to everyone who came, and to all those who sent messages of congratulations — your support and enthusiasm mean so much to me!