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Nancy Salwen is a singing teacher and the founder of The Fear of Singing Breakthrough Program, and the author of the book by the same name. She teaches singing to "non-singers," beginning singers, and anyone who wants to be more confident and expressive with their voice. She leads workshops in New England, New York City and California and teaches private lessons over Skype. In addition she is a Music for People certified workshop leader and leads music-based team building workshops for businesses and organizations, and an early childhood music educator and Music Together teacher and center director.

I was an art major in college…


I have a story for you…

I was an art major in college. I focussed mostly on sculpture and printmaking, and got plenty of good support from my professors. Then I took a painting class with Professor Neuman — he had a dry sense of humor and some prestige […]

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Harmonizing With Your Toothbrush!

I’ve been creating a little series of videos for Facebook — some are short, fun activities that will improve your singing, so I thought I’d share them with YOU!

This is a great way to bring music-making into your morning!

And isn’t it great to remember that MUSIC IS EVERYWHERE?!

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Harana! – Philippine Music

Hello Friends! ❤️

If you’ve attended my online Sing-Alongs, chances are you’ve have had the joy of meeting my assistant Lorens. He’s a delightful person and helps me so much with all the moving parts of running my business, so I can have the pleasure of working with YOU!

(We really get […]

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ROUNDS SINGING – Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Hey there! ❤️

Did you know that every time you sing a ROUND, you’re exercising your harmony singing chops?

A round is a song which can be sung by two or more people (or groups of people) at the same time, with each person starting the same song at a different time.


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