Sing the letters of the alphabet using your own spontaneous melody, or the tune of any song you know, except for the regular old Alphabet Song you grew up with. (Oh ok — if you want to start with the Alphabet song you can, but then try moving on to a different tune, or making one up. )

Exaggerate the movements of your mouth as you sing each letter.
Try doing it in front of the mirror and watch all the different movements your mouth and face make as you sing each letter. Ham it up!

Sing it very, very fast and very, very slow, and notice the differences. 

• Allows you to play in a new way with familiar sounds.
• Exercises and stretches your vocal chords and mouth. Gives you a chance to sing a wide variety of sounds.
• It’s hard to get very serious and uptight when you’re doing this — it’s easy to have fun and relax!