Group Singing is Good for Mental Health

I came across this powerful video today about a series of choruses in England for people experiencing mental illness – it’s part of a program is called the “East Kent Singing for Health Network”. I think this is a pretty extraordinary organization – I’m impressed with how they think about singing in England – community singing seems much […]

First Gig

photo 2The little band I’m in, “Crabgrass” played it’s first open mike last week at Fritz’s. Fun! If you, either on your own or with  friends, learn how to sing even just a few songs, an open mike is a good way to get out there, if […]

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Bobby McFerrin Blows Me Away

Can you see how amazing it is what Bobby McFerrin is doing here? From his totally centered place in the middle of thousands of people, he is invites everybody to play with him. He doesn’t ask them if they can – he assumes they can – and of course they can! By sharing his own soulful […]

Singing Myth #1: Either You Have it or You Don’t

False False FALSE!!
Singing is something you learn to do, just like anything else. Some people learn it quickly and it comes easily to them while others learn more slowly and have to be coached and practice the basics more to “get it”, but people are made for singing – and if you want to, you too […]

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