This photo is from the last time my husband Forrest and I were in the southwest. We loaded up my Toyota Tercel and did craft shows all along the way. Man, we had that car packed ingeniously!

Now we’re heading out west again. My son, Jacob, left first – he’s driving our Highlander with his dirt bike strapped to the back. He has a few weeks to drive out and have adventures along the way. Right now he’s dirt biking around in Canyonlands National Park. This is his Odyssey. I hope he doesn’t meet up with any sirens or cyclops. He’s 18, and though mostly I’m really excited for him, it’s his first trip away, and I’m a little nervous!

I’ll fly out to meet him on June 14th in San Francisco, to lead a Fear of Singing Workshops in Redwood Shores. Forrest, and our daughter, Emily, will come next. We’ll all visit cousins in San Rafael, explore San Francisco, and then make our way to Lake Tahoe (via Placerville where more of my relatives live) to attend a Forrest’s-side-of-the-family family reunion.

Then it’s into the deep Southwest: Great Basin National Forrest, the Grand Canyon, the Navaho and Hopi Reservations, Chaco Canyon. This is the landscape that Forrest travelled to in the summers of his childhood and has always wanted to share with our kids. It’s finally happening!

Singing Workshop for beginners in the San Francisco Bay Area

Saturday, June 17th, from 2:00pm – 6:00pm, hosted by my new awesome friend, Tena.

She bought my book on Amazon, devoured it (her words), and emailed me the next day. The subject line was, “I love your book,” so of course this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. After many emails back and forth we’ve gotten to know each other, and this Redwood Shores Singing Workshop is the result.

In the California area? Click here to get more workshop details

After the workshop, visiting San Francisco, the family reunion, and the camping we’ll put the kids on a plane, and Forrest and I will drive home with stops in Austin, New Orleans, Asheville and Nashville. Theme? A musical tour to take us home.

Know anyone in those cities we should visit? Favorite places to eat, listen to music or jam? Let me know!