I was recently interviewed by life coach Liz Sumner, of Next Third Coaching, for her new Podcast, I Always Wanted to…” I was actually her inaugural interview because it was my story and work that gave her the inspiration to do this. So there’s an honor, right?! Liz lives in Italy, so this happened over an international Skype connection, adding a little bit of European spice.

I was excited to share my own story because it’s not unlike the story of many of my students. (And also it’s fun to talk about yourself. Come on, admit it.) We have an urge to do something (singing in this case) and are confronted by what seems like insurmountable amounts of fear but we move forward and start anyway — and it’s GOOD!  Our lives change for the better.

So check out my interview and her other podcast episodes to be reminded of the awesome and surprising benefits of getting out of our comfort zones, and taking those first brave steps.

What’s something you’ve always wanted to do? Sometimes the first step is just saying out loud, so feel free to share it with me here!