Once you learn to LOVE your own voice — yup! I said that! — you’ll have an easier time learning how to sing. The activity in this video is a good place to start…

Learning to love your voice is a process. Here are a few tips for your journey…

1. Remember — You Don’t Have to Sound Like Anyone Else!

You don’t have to put on airs or affectations. Start simple. Find out what your voice can do and see what happens.

Every person on the planet is uniquely special, and so is every person’s voice. There is something special and beautiful about your voice, even if you can’t feel that yet.

Be yourself, and practice as loving, curious and accepting an attitude about how you sound as you possibly can. That’s it. Skill-building will come much more easily if you start from here.

2. Choose Something to Love.

You wouldn’t be doing this if there wasn’t something you love about singing (or the idea of singing), right?

Choose to move towards your feelings of LOVE…

LOVE of music, of the sound you’re making, of the sensations you’re feeling, and of yourself. LOVE of the melody or the storyline of the song you’re singing. Or sing for someone you LOVE (whether present or in your imagination) and really lean into the love you feel for them.

There is always something to LOVE!!!

3. Try It and See for Yourself! FEAR > LOVE. No Kidding!

Focusing on love makes fear dissipate. Honest.

Leaning into love is the most powerful way to start discovering the wonder that is your very own voice! Love your mistakes, your cracks and croaks, and even try loving the fear itself — it’s only trying to protect you, after all!

Your voice may shake but you can still give yourself compassion, and as you focus on feelings of love, that shaking may fade away.

Over time you can pass through feelings of fear and move into a place where singing is a way of expressing what is in your heart and soul.

What a wonderful thing!