(I’m the little one with the fabulous glasses…)

I missed this clue when I was choosing a career…

When I was in summer sleepaway camp (maybe around the age of 10?), I used to sing lullabies to my bunkmates to help them fall asleep.

Singing lullabies to fellow campers seemed normal to me, but I’m guessing it’s actually pretty unusual — and a nice bit of foreshadowing! (Now I do it whenever I teach an early childhood music class – which is usually a few times every week.)

It took me until my mid-30s to rediscover the joy of singing (after a long stagefright-induced hiatus that started in my late teens), and until my mid 40’s to turn my life’s focus towards music and singing (where I now see that it always belonged!!).

I never loved performing (though now I’m finally starting to enjoy it), but I always loved singing as a way of facilitating a community experience. Since I thought that singing had to mean performing, I backed away from it.

If I’d been able to articulate that what I love most about singing is in collaborating and facilitating, I might have become a singing/music teacher right out of the gate.

What about you?

If you thought of singing as part of a community experience, or even as a service (like singing with kids, or at a nursing home), do you think it might take away some of your singing anxiety and stage fright?

Singing doesn’t have to be about performance! It’s about love!

This is a mindset shift that pays off big time. Give it a shot! ❤️

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