This Easy Exercise Can Really Help You Sing Better

Even though it’s really simple, you’ll be integrating your visual, kinetic (movement), sensory, and auditory learning styles as you vocalize sounds that relate to the shapes on the page.

Sing the shapes in the picture in whatever way feels and sounds natural to you. Do it a few times. Then scroll down to the audio track below the picture and listen to me singing my interpretation of these shapes. There is NO ONE RIGHT WAY TO DO THIS! Notice the similarities and differences between what you’re singing and what I’m singing. Just the noticing is beneficial — I promise! Lastly, sing the shapes along with me, just to see what it’s like.

Go ahead and try it — and don’t think too much! Just trust yourself to do it in whatever way feels right. Making sounds with your voice without worrying about it too much is part of what you’re practicing in this activity!


Play the track below to hear my interpretation of the shapes!

When singing notes that go up and down in pitch, it’s super helpful to have a sense of what HIGH and LOW feel like in your whole body. It can be tricky for beginning singers to connect their voice with the feeling, the motion, and the visualization, of UP and DOWN.

If this whole body sense of pitch comes naturally to you, this activity will reinforce this strength which you already have. If it’s not so easy, this is a great way to start practicing it.