This video-tip is extracted from my free “6 Fun & Easy Tips for ‘Non-Singers’ Who Wish They Could Sing” e-book, which you can get by clicking here.

Breathing and breath support are important for any singer. Our breath and voice are connected, and when building our singing skills, it’s super helpful to understand how to engage the power of our breath.

Here’s a Nice Automotive Analogy…

The air you breathe in is the gasoline. The big muscles of your diaphragm and abdomen are your engine. And the little muscles in your throat (larynx and vocal cords) are the steering wheel of your car.

Just as you don’t use your steering wheel to power your car, you don’t want to ask the small muscles in your throat to do the heavy lifting when it comes to powering your voice. Knowing how to access the strength of your diaphragm and core to keep your breath flowing (which you need to sing, as your car needs gas to run) allows your throat, shoulders and face to stay nice and relaxed.

This will help you to sing more comfortably, more sustainably, with improved pitch and tone — and of course, to have more fun!

As you advance in your singing this will become second nature to you, but for many people this is something that has to be pointed out, experienced and practiced. Give a try, and let me know how it goes!