Beginner singers, and those who think of themselves as “non-singers” are often so discouraged, that they can’t even relax enough to get started.

If you want to learn how to sing, the first step is to simply get comfortable with your voice.

Try taking a break from the idea of “singing,” and start to explore what your voice can do. After you’ve played and explored and become more comfortable with your own sound, you can start digging in and learning the skills of singing. It’s important to have fun FIRST!

Play this video to get the idea! And although I invite you to copy me, also feel free to respond to me, with whatever sounds spontaneously come to you! PLAY!

This is a lesson from the Fearless Singers Playground, and an excerpt from my FREE eBook “6 Easy and Fun Tips for “Non-Singers” Who Wish They Could Sing.” For the whole book, click here.