If you have felt inhibited about singing – and even if you haven’t – it can be hard to let your self be loud.

To get more comfortable with volume, and to sing more freely, try this…

Imagine that you are calling out to someone across the street, in the next yard, or across a field. You’re not yelling at the top of your lungs, but you are loud! “Hey!” “Heeeeeeeyyyyy!” It’s a yell, a call, but not a scream. This is challenging for a lot of people, but it’s a great way of breaking your own personal sound barrier and give yourself permission to make some noise, while discovering what happens in your body while you’re doing it.

Try “HEEEeeeeyyyyyyy……”, letting the pitch and volume trail down and off at the end. Try, “HEEEYYY YOoouuuu!” with the “you” like a high pitched whoop at the end.

Go wild. Make a racket! It’s good for you!